Avara Valta is a Hardcore endgame raiding guild that has been around since the original release of WoW, and is looking to build a new chapter on Stormrage. While we had great success defeating the most challenging raid content for the past 5 years, a large majority of our members grew bored from the lack of new content in the later months of Wrath, and eventually moved on to other MMO's. So in an effort to rebuild our guild, 
we moved to Stormrage to prepare for the next expansion; determined to recruit a new group of players that all share the same ideals as us.

We want to play with the best,
and we want to progress competitively.

When we say we want to play with the best, that doesn't mean we want to play with the people who have the most achievement points, or the highest gearscore. What we want, and what we expect, is to play with people who always give 110% they show up to raid and to get shit done, they know the fights because they looked it up, and they want to play with people that put as much time and effort into progressing in the games hardest content as they do.

If you want to be a part of a new guild that has these ideals at its core, want to be part of a group that only accepts the best from its members, then help us start a new chapter on Stormrage.

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